All our programs are Confidence Building, Fun and Exciting. Multi-Black Belt International Champion Master Song has helped his students achieve many martial art accomplishments in competitions and on the street. We specialize in Martial Arts Instruction for men, women & children. Martial Arts lessons are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students seeking self-defense and realistic instruction.  Programs are designed around the students area of interest. Offering Mixed Martial Arts in the Kansas City Metro area with convenient locations, Martial Arts Liberty Missouri
Wing Chung Kung Fu, Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts training
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Beginner, intermediate and advanced martial arts students are invited to Enroll Now!  For more information simply contact:
Master Song's Martial Arts Academy of Fighting and Fitness 816-853-6150 

All Martial Arts Lessons Focus on Creating the Perfect Martial Art Mind Martial Art Body and Martial Art Spirit
  • Mind - "Education"  FocusDisciplineConcentration
  • Body - "Dedication"  FitnessFlexibilityStrength, Endurance
  • Spirit - "Inspiration"  Kung Fu Philosophy          
Lessons in Self Defense:  Wing Chun Kung Fu
Lessons in Mixed Martial Arts Training: Jiujitsu, Thai Kick Boxing
Lessons in Weapons Training: Kali Escrima, Stick and Knife fighting, gun disarms
Lesson in Health and Fitness:  Shaolin Stretching, Mixed Martial Arts training                   Self Defense Lesson for adults and chlidren
 All Mixed Martial Art Programs are geared to the individual student              
            and provide easy to learn applications.
             We train reality based self defense so students can quickly 
               use what they have learned.
                                      Martial arts in Liberty Missouri

 Shaolin Warriors the Kung Fu Masters of China
Master Song's Martial Arts was proudly represented at the thrilling sold out Shaolin Warrior Showat the Johnson County Community College theater of performing arts by our demonstration team (students in black) center, Steve,  L-R : Tarsus, Liam & Dalton with the Shaolin Warriors

I searched for months, looking for a martial arts system to enroll my 11yr. old son in.  My son is the center of my world and after talking with Master Song, I knew I had found what I was looking for.  I was not interested in a sport type martial arts system.  I wanted my son to learn how to win a real-world fight... not how to score points to win a competition.Currently as a Patrol Sergeant with 15 years on the Kansas City MO Police Department, I have had numerous occasions to see the importance of being able to defend yourself and/or your loved one's.  My 10 years of inner-city patrol experience and 1 1/2 years supervising in the city jail has instilled in me the fact that real life is dangerous and is not a game.  Bad things can and do happen at times and places not of our choosing.  Our only option is to be prepared.Our children are being taught in school, "NOT" to defend themselves when attacked.  Our current school policy is to discipline both the aggressor "AND" the victim if a fight occurs.  They are teaching our children how to be victims!!!  I cannot disagree more with this policy!!  I have preached to my son, "You will not start a fight...but you will end it!"  This is the reason I bring my son to Master Song.  This is a real world fighting system that is designed to end fights quickly and effectively!  My son has already used his training in a few "situations" at school and he did so correctly!  I could not be more proud of him!!!!If you are looking for a TRUE Master to learn from, or your children to learn from, I cannot recommend Master Song more highly!!!  I can only tell you this... I am entrusting him with teaching-training my beloved son how to fight for his life... and WIN!!!!Thank You Master Song,Respectfully, Sergeant Tim McClure Kansas City, MO  Police DepartmentCentral Patrol Division

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Martial Arts in Kansas City Missouri, Martial Arts Lessons for everyone
 Self Defense Lessons for Men, Women and Children
Mixed Martial Arts School
Wing Chun Kung Fu
       & JiuJitsu
Major Paul Wilson U.S. Army (retired)  Prior to finding Master Song I had explored training in Tae kwan-do, Judo,Karate, Ju jitsu, and Sambo.  During that time I was reminded of that line from a U2 song; "I still haven't found what I'm lookng for".  You see; I'm a military veteran with two decades of serving hot spots around the world and I know the real deal when I see it.  There is a popular saying around the sepc-ops community, "The only thing that separates the elite from all the rest is the fact that the elite are better at the basics than everyone else".  This concept is embodied in Master Song's training philosophy.  His emphasis is on building a solid foundation regardless of your training background, level of experience, age or gender.  If you want to chase pretty belts look elsewhere.  If, like me, you are interested in learing a no nonsense, "REAL WORLD FIGHTING SYSTEM" in a training environment that is at once serious, relaxed and tailored to your needs; then quit looking around.  Master Song is the real deal!
Multi Black Belt Champion Master Song Wins Grand Champion OverallGolden Dragon Classic Tournament
Master Song with his "Famous Blind Sifu" Robert K. Smith 
Master Song inherits closed door Wing Chun Kung Fu school from his blind master.  Read more about it, click on the Master Song page
Master Song congratulates student Steve Browning who Won 1st place black belt Wing Chun Kung Fu Fighting and a Silver Medal Continous Fighting at the 2009 Golden Dragon Classic Martial Arts Tournament in picture L-R Master Song with his students
Student - Vance -I was fortunate to meet Master Song where he was Judging continuous Martial Arts fighting and Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts divisions at the Golden Dragon Classic Martial Arts Tournament.  I had been training for 10 years with another Kung Fu Martial Arts School competing as a black belt /sash in 8 Animal Kung Fu.  After speaking with Master Song, I discovered his understanding of martial arts was far greater than mine and I asked him if I might come to his mixed martial arts school to learn his martial arts styles and teaching.  He accepted, and invited me to learn Wing Chung Kung Fu Mixed Martial Arts JuJitsu.  Master Song teaches Mind and Body training, as well as philosophies of the Martial Arts.  His attitude, thoughtfulness and demeanor reflect this.  I am impressed by this as much as I am by what he teaches.  To be frank I am positively blown away by what I'm experiencing in Master Songs Mixed Martial Arts classes.  I know what it was I was searching for.  It is a combination of everything I'm learning and experiencing in Master Song's Mixed Martial Arts Wing Chun Kung Fu JiuJitsu classes.

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