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REALITY SELF DEFENSE: Lessons, East West Mixed 
Martial Arts, Wing Chun Kung Fu, personal self defense
Jiu-Jitsu, Weapons Training, Judo, Karate,
Thai Kick Boxing, Hand to Hand Combat Training,
Wooden Dummy Training

(More Questions and Answers below to help )
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"Martial arts is about  character, discipline
dedication, fun and respect."  Sifu Song

"Passing on the tradition one student at a time"
                                                        Sifu Song

Reality Self Defense / Things to consider when choosing the right martial arts school for adult and kids

Beginner, Intermediate and advanced students looking for the best personal step by step lessons 
  in martial arts, self defense, self improvement for families and individual training in martial arts

  • 1. Who will be teaching the martial arts lessons?

  • 2. What is the ranking (black belts come in all different 
               ranks and ages!) Who did they learn from?

  • 3. How long have they been teaching? Minimum of
              5 years is good over 10years is better.
  • 4. Ask current and past students for references. 

  • 5. How long has the School, Dojo, Kwan, Gym, Health Club, Studio been in operation?
              5years is good longer is better (make sure it is owned by the Head Master)

  • 6. Great Martial Arts Schools have rules that enforce discipline, integrity, safety and       professionalism. The Academy rules should be posted or handed out and respected.

  • 7. What type of Martial Arts are they training and teaching? Mixed Martial Arts, WIng Chun Kung Fu  (Motion Picture Icon Bruce Lee's original martial art) Self Defense, Weapons training (Kali/ Escrima)    Jiujutsu (Famous Brazilian Martial Arts UFC Legend Gracie) Karate, Judo, Kick boxing (Muay Thai)  Combat Fighting, Karate,Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced,Adult,Children,Teenagers.

  • 8.  Are classes mixed with individualized step by step instruction curriculum tailored to                                  specific needs of the individual martial art student?

  • 9.  Classes should be scheduled at set times and place.

  • 10. Martial arts schools tend to take on the personality, integrity and professionalism of the Head  Master. Is he or she the kind of teacher who is respectful of the students and continues their education?  Knowledgeable and skillful on the subject and communicates in a professional manner to students?
These questions and answers should be of help when selecting a martial arts school to take lessons from.  Sifu Song  of Academy Of Fighting and Fitness Martial Arts 

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Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kung Fu is based on Time, Space & Energy
Chin-Na is: Seizing, Locking and Controlling w/Pressure points,
used by the Chinese Police & Special Forces
Wooden Dummy Training
Long Pole and Butterfly Swords

Mixed Martial Arts Jiu-Jitsu
 Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Submission Grappling
Weapons - Kali/Escrima
 Short Stick & Knife Fighting

        World Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Pai Association



Wing Chun Kung Fu
Mixed Martial Arts 
Self Defense
Weapons Training

 Marcel Ferreira & Sifu Song

Lessons in Marial Arts training K.C. MO Martial Arts for adults and children, beginner, Intermediate and advanced lessons