Master Song inherits Martial Arts Training Academy and Now Opens the Door to New Students to learn the ancient Chinese Martial Arts.

Upon the death of his close friend and Sifu (Robert K. Smith), Master Song inherits the closed door Wing Chun Kung Fu school and keeping a promise to his dear friend and teacher continues to grow and teach in the art.  After an outstanding year Master Song won the 2002 Grand Champion Trophy over all styles of martial arts (Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Wu Shu, etc.)  Master Song was then asked and accepted the privilege of Judging the Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chi Sao and Gor Sao (Full Contact Fighting), at this years International Chicago Wu Shu Gong Fu Tournament.
As the proverb goes:  “When You Are Ready Your Master Will Appear”.  Master Song’s life is an example of this teaching.  At the age of seven Master Song began his Martial Arts training.  In 1976 he went to China and studied Tai Chi and was invited to study Wu Shu at the Beijing University with the Chinese National Wu Shu team instructors.  Before leaving China a great honor 
was bestowed on Master Song by his grandfather Song Qing Fu (Dean of the Beijing Physical Education University).  The Song family Sword was passed on to Master Song.  Returning to the U.S.A. Master Song continued his martial arts training and was rewarded in his dedication to the arts at the age of thirty with an invitation to enter a closed door Wing Chun Kung Fu school of the Internationally Acclaimed Blind Kung Fu Master Robert K. Smith.  After seven years of diligent study and showing exceptional ability student Song was promoted to head student and assistant instructor to Sifu Robert K. Smith.  In the year 2000, with Sifu Smith’s blessing, head student Song traveled to Chicago where he competed and received medals including a First Place Medal in Wing Chun Kung Fu at the International Chicago Gong Fu Tournament.  Upon returning home head student Song was awarded his Instructors Black Sash.    
Master Song Now invites all levels of Adult Students beginner through advanced to enroll. Class focus is on enhancing Physical and Mental Abilities and aiding in Personal Protection.  


      Sifu Dale Vits Master Song, Chinese Name:SongNee Wa
Gold Medal Grand Champion
Golden Dragon Classic
Martial Arts Tourmanent
Gold Medal Wing Chun Kung Fu
Golden Dragon Classic
Martial Arts Tournament
Gold Medal Wing Chun Kung Fu 
WuShu Gong Fu 
International Martial Arts Tournament