Jason-            "MY SEARCH IS OVER"

    Throughout my entire life, I have been interested in martial arts.  I was hoping to find an art that would mean many different things to me, including health improvement, breathing exercises, stress relief, strength training, and most important of all, the realistic study of a live combat situation.  Throughout my journey, I had switched styles, as well as moved from studio to studio.  I was never at one place longer than one year.  I would enjoy the experience for awhile, but soon would tire of the rigidity encompassing each program.  I figured out on my own that most of the schools were geared toward repetition and exercise only.  This would be great for people only interesed in those specific aspects.  I on the other hand, I was searching for something more.  I was looking for a realistic approach to self defense.  I was hoping to find an art, and an instructor, that would teach me the truths about a live combat situation.  I finally found what I was looking for two years ago when I found Master Song's Wing Chun school.  His classes have focused on each and every aspect that I have ever searched for.  He has eliminated the rigidity, as we always are asked to work on new challenges.  My eyes have opened, and over the last three years I have had the wonderful experience of studying a truly realistic art, with the help of an accomplished instructor and master.  I would recommend Master Song's Wing Chun school to anyone looking for excitement, and the truth surrounding martial arts.

Curt -      "TRULEY UNIQUE"

    In the year 2000 I began a study of the Martial Art Wing Chun Kung Fu, by an invitation from Master Song who was the Senior Black Belt Instructior of a closed door Wing Chun school owned and ran by the Internationally acclaimed Blind Wing Chun Kung Fu Sifu Robert K. Smith.  After Sifu Smith's unexpected passing, I continued my  journey and quest for learning Wing Chun Kung Fu under Master Song's highly skilled hands, who was named inheritor of Sifu Smith's Pao Hua Wing Chun Kung Fu System.  Through Master Song's teachings, I have increased my level of Martial Arts skill, and obtained the ability to learn new concepts that have changed my entire life.  I have achieved self discipline and strong degree of self purpose.  I highly encourage anyone who has the desire to learn quality martial arts and experience a truly unique type of teaching 

to enroll in Master Song's classes. 

  Vance - "Positively Blown Away"
I was fortunate enough to meet Master Song where he was Judging continuous fighting and Wing Chun Kung Fu divisions at the Golden Dragon Classic Martial Arts Tournament.  I had been training for 10 years with another school and competing as a black belt in 8 animal Kung Fu.  After speaking with Master Song, I discovered his understanding of martial arts was far greater than mine.  I asked him if I might come to his school to learn.  He accepted, and invited me to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Master Song teaches Mind and Body, as well as philosophies of the art.  His attitude, thoughtfulness, and demeanor reflect this.  I am impressed by this as much as I am by what he teaches.  To be frank, I am positively blown away by what I'm experiencing.  I now know what it was I was searching for.  It is a combination of everything I'm learning and experiencing in Master Song's classes.